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We visited Gallipoli last month. And spent almost 1 week . It was really great to see gallipoli, and troy. We almost saw all historical places of istanbul and then we went to troy for a day and saw the a of anzac. We are very happy and we definitely recommend it Everything was fantastic and i saw all the places i want to. It was a great trip and i definitely recommend everyone. Thank you so much.

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Des Moines Iowa we are in the midwest so first you will see some fiedls when you drive into Iowa. But when you get to Des Moines you will see a very friendly, clean city with a nice skywalk system, lots of local restaurants, an art park, some small league sports like the I-Cubs baseball, hockey and soccer. If you are touring in the summer, you will see a very large farmers market on the weekends, and possibly the Iowa State Fair which has been rated one of the best. Or maybe the Dam to Dam 1/2 marathon, which always fun because the downtown area is now a small party. or maybe you will be here for the Arts Festivle or Wine Fest or Bacon Fest. You might even make it for Woof Stock if you come at the right time which your dogs would enjoy Everything in Iowa is non smoking so you can go to the piano bar and come out smelling the same as when you went in (granted I smoke, but smoking outside is fine by me). If you like live music, you could hit up Vaudville Mews and see some small local bands or go to the Jazz club. All of this stuff and you still have a small town feel


Australia. A country half soeakd with rain and half dry as dirt heat.Surrounded by my feng shui inspiration board, self published books and a million and one Nancy Drew books and ephemera. We have Ayres Rock, The Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.Pick what you want.


Dearest Nick and Staff,Its been a long time since we have departed Rome but we just can’t get you and your fobulaus staff Out of our minds. Nick, I have to say without your company at our side we never would have been able to see And learn as much as we did. Since cruising is so demanding as far as a time schedule goes your staff gave us the opportunity To make the most of every moment without feeling rushed or pressured!!! My son Dominick still speaks of how much he Learned from your tour. You were our own personal HISTORY teacher and it was greatly appreciated!!! We are definitely coming back to ROME This summer and will enjoy ever minute of your services!!! Our many Thanks to you for a fobulaus JOB!! Please send our great appreciation To Dominick our driver in Naples, and Frabritzio in Florence , as we will visit them again this summer as well.Can’t wait to see you !!!Chow for Now,Dominick, Tracie, SamanthaNicolette & Lil DominickMinervini – Summer 07


Nick's personalized tour secivre took our vacation experience to a whole new level. He and his drivers know of excellent local places to see and eat, many of which are not on the beaten tour bus path. And when they are, he avoids those crowds by knowing their schedules and taking you to those places when they are not around, filling in the extra time with great little side excursions, like the keyhole , that you would never experience in a large group.Nick was fun, personable, extremely knowledgeable, and instinctively knew when to be a talking tour guide and when to provide you with some family space to enjoy the experience on your own.I highly recommend him to anyone.Thanks Nick, for a unexpectedly wonderful experience in Italy! See you again soon the Mocks. (Jim, Trisha, Kaitlyn and Lindsey Norwegian EPIC Barcelona cruise, 5/29/2011. Nick served us in Livorno, Rome, and Naples.)


- Such a great space and the lighting is denvie. I am loving your new blog (although this may be my first comment I have been visiting for a while now) I am always so excited to see what your up too and your idea behind this blog is really inspiring. :)October 4, 2011 1:26 pm


I recently wrote, and deedicd not to publish, a blog post titles Who Left the Milk and Honey out of the Cooler or something along those lines.An immigrant is always an immigrant, and for some, that's preferred to integrating into society. I look back at my old writing and wonder what caused the eternal Zionist that lived within me to flee. Perhaps we grew up, perhaps our responsibility to our families make us realize that Israel isn't always perfect.No country is ever perfect, the US has a lot to offer in terms of raising kids, and in terms of lifestyle. Israel can offer some things that the US does not, but the *gaping holes* in standards of Education, and elements of social interactions of lack of respect (ok, I will stop) leave me petrified of raising our child here.I could go on but as I closed my eyes last night I promised today was going to be a good day, a positive day, and I was going to see everything with a blue and white tinge today.


sakto gyud ka Kat save muna bago makatravel...hehehe!aha malgoni diay mo...oo sige pag-balik nalang ninyo puhon puhon...Good luck sa papers work hope fully dali ra kay naka-anhi naman ka...Unsa man tong argentina cornbiff...? hehehe lami ba nah oo sige basta made in pinas inyo bang ihapit dire?...hehehehbitaw take care and salamat sa paglabay dire ha...Kram Khim


I really enoeyjd the show in San Jose, CA. I was happy to see that Missy and Nick were added to the tour. I would have liked to see Miranda and Robert in the Napoleon and Tabitha routine about Woodpeckers Break ya neck , also the David Bowie routine with Ricky who was amazing in the other routines with Sasha by the way, plus the complicated routine with Jordan and Brandon. Otherwise, great show. Loved all the dancers, including Melanie!!!


The show at the Nokia in L.A. was FABULOUS! The dancers have truly polhised their skills; in fact, they're even better than they were. I was so impressed and hope that they are making a ton of money they truly deserve it. Does anyone have any idea how much they are making?

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